Saturday, 29 October 2016

Welcome .....  Well here it is .... the Clock change weekend  in the U.K . The last weekend on October .
WE gain an extra hour of rest ... but in a couple of weeks time darkness starts to draw in late afternoon.

Personally I suffer a little with S.A.D.  Like everyone I miss the hours of light and all that comes with it .

I plan , each year , to keep busy in the evenings .  At this time I tend to turn to bead work.

I have done Bead work for many years .  Happily learning about new techniques , new styles
and most interesting of all new beads from shape to what they fit best with , technique wise.

Bead channels on You-Tube are quite prolific . Some better than others . They all have one thing in common  their love of design colours and beads .  Putting them all together to make some really beautiful costume Jewellery. Ideal as gifts for all.   There is so much to learn .

No Craft style or technique is ever as simple as it looks ... many of them cross over .... from one craft to another . They integrate and offer new concepts as they change .  The wonder of learning !   It is never too late to learn .

Adding bead work to my CRAFT PORTFOLIO .... we all have one ...(  and it looks good in print .) .lol.  Was as natural as walking from A to B for me .  You never know what you can do

until you try... Cliche I know  but a truer word was never spoken .

Take advantage of the long evenings .... as long as you have good light  everything is possible ..add a new arrow to craft bow !

Happy Crafting . Stay well and warm . xx

Beaded projects  inspired by Jill Wiseman.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

St Nicks Patterns and Plains.. from Graphic 45. 

Purchase these papers from  WWW.

Hello, :)

These three cards were made from items supplied from Handy Hippo crafts .  
The Graphic 45 Patterns and plains  are a delight to work with . This years Christmas theme .

It was a pleasure to woks with these papers . The quality is unmistakable.   The colour used is rich deep and covers both sides of the 12x12 sheets .   This pad is extremely versatile .. there are sheets that could be used for many different occasions   

 I have long enjoyed paper crafts . It is very satisfying finishing a card with someone particular in mind .  It doesn't have to be "all singing and dancing" ..Sometimes Less really is more .

When making for a particular someone ... it is good to have some basic knowledge about them . Favourite colour, the occasion you are making for , the shape of the card you intend to make . This information is the very foundation of the card .  From the moment these things are in mind , making up the card becomes a personalised gift.  Whether to deliver by hand or send through the post also impacts greatly on what the design of the card consists  of .   There are no hard and fast rules .  Each card is unique , conceived and built by you. Enjoying the whole process is translated in the final look of the card .  There aren't many people who do not appreciate a hand made creation.  Enjoy your work,   have fun and be proud of each project.

Happy Crafting .

Kay xx

Thursday, 20 October 2016

This is the full bauble. 

The Pattern I used , I purchased at GJBeads .
St. Erth . Cornwall. U.K .

A closer look at the Beautiful beaded fringe.

Happy Thuursday  everyone ... another weekend is looming fast !

This is a beaded project which I featured on my You-tube channel recently .   Made up of Delica beads , round seeds bicone and tear drop crystals.  Using a unique pattern designed by Jill Thomas .  The owner of the bead shop. Gj Beads.

This pattern is recommended for advanced beaders .  There is a whole lot of work involved in making this bauble . Which is held together by stitch work. The centre of the bauble is hollow. It is made up from the centre .  Each subsequent round is added by decreasing and working different colour ways and design.   It amounts to approximate 50 hours of work.    The finished item is worth every second spent on it .   A great project for the long winter nights .

I absolutely adore this "Fine" work.   Every single bead is stitched into place . Hence the need to use DELICA  beads . They are precision cut  exact in size and nestle together as though meant for each other .  Treasure beads , Toho and Myuki beads are names associated  with Delica beads .
Round seeds are lower priced than the Delica. The size consistancy is not as good .... they are rounded  so don't offer the same uniform finish .... but they are used in many more less demanding designs .

Beading is a great pass time.  There is always something beautiful at the end of the project .  I have learnt much on
this craft journey and met some very lovely people on the way .  Its never too late to learn a new trick or three !!!

Happy Crafting everyone .
Kay xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2016
Tsunami Rose   Designs Add caption

 It was a joy working with  this lovely Kit .

This Junk Journal was made up using plain Craft coloured card

The pictures above are snippets from my first "Full " sized Junk Journal.  Only one signature which I sewed down through the middle three times with my sewing machine.   This was done after I had placed all my main pages and Doiley's where I wanted them. I then used a lace trim to hide the formation of the spine  .

I had been wanting to make  Junk Journal for some time .   Having been greatly  inspired by Zebytygl, , Tattered Rose,  Yvonne Preston  and of Course Tsunami Rose ..Also known as Daisy Collins A Designer  of many Digi kits and ephemera in her own right   Go visit her store ... its great . The selection available to purchase is outstanding .  and her blog spot  For huge inspiration.

I am very pleased with how this Junk Journal  turned out . The kit made it super easy to make up. Everything is beautifully co-ordinated . It prints out very well... if you would like to see the Journal in greater detail , then please click the You-tube link above which will take you directly to my channel.

I hope this blog has , in some way , whet your apetite for Junk Journaling . It is a great way to craft and make lovely gifts for friends and family .

Happy Crafting .

Kay x

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Hi Everyone.....

Sorry for the lack of posts ...... things have been a little busy in my world .....not complaining you understand is just like that some times we all know .

Above are some simple but elegant  cards that I made using a Design Team package from  HANDY HIPPO.   I have done design team work for a good while now . There is no financial reward .... just the pleasure of promoting goods sold by Handy Hippo. The "GO TO" craft shop in my mind.
They have an amazing  selection of craft goods from many of the Top ranking companies .. at great prices .
Postage is good, special  offers come up very very regularly, fast and speedy turn around on orders which cant be bad All the Crafter's I know love a bargain, so do check it out ! . :)

The cards above are "Occasion cards" .  Everyone needs a little stash of cards like this  for last minute events that perhaps have been put on the to do list and then over looked. Or indeed forthcoming celebrations of family and friends .   I must confess to being a bit of a last minute wonder more often than not these days .

Working on the "Less is More " principle and indeed letting  Design papers speak out and do their work the cards are quite minimal.... I adore Graphic 45  which is what the colourful papers are . From "St. Nick "..this years Christmas pad ....a must have.   I very often use mirror board when card making . Not only does it make paper and embellishments pop it also adds a touch of Luxury to the over all look of the finished card.

Matting and layering a technique whereby, card or papers are layered with a small border between each layer is a great way to make cards look interesting and of great quality .  The border is usually 1/8th of an inch wide ... but obviously it is down to individual choice and materials used .

There are no "HARD and FAST " rules in card making .  No right or wrong .... individual perception is everything .  A well thought out card  is a winner every time .  In my opinion long as you love what you are doing...... it shows in your work and is appreciated .

As always the link to my You-tube channel is in the top right corner ... seeing the cards in more detail is available there .

Happy Crafting .

Kay xx

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

kayz Crafty Hangout: Happy Wednesday !Another posting of recent ...

kayz Crafty Hangout:

Happy Wednesday !

Another posting of recent ...
: Happy Wednesday ! Another posting of recent work . Using the Tsunami Rose  " Christmas List "  digital kit, purch...

Happy Wednesday !

Another posting of recent work . Using the Tsunami Rose  " Christmas List "  digital kit, purchased  from

Etsy .

The first image is of a Christmas themed bag . The papers are ideal for this kind of project . Lots of

ephemera ... and multiple images on the papers which  can be fussy cut out . I am an avid fan of fussy cutting .
The first cards I made were made using 3D decoupage sheets .  Before the were PRE-CUT . Cutting out all

the images is very relaxing I found . I used curved and pointed manicure scissors prior to decoupage scissors

evolving .  I am showing my age here ...I really have been  paper crafting for quite a while .  It never gets

boring .

I do try to keep up with the times ... hence finding Tsunami Rose whilst searching  " Digi Kits " on Etsy .

This  is a whole new  arena to play in.  There are many designers .  I have purchased  from two or three . I

am by no means an expert . However I do know what I like . Quality , colour and value for money figure

into my requirement . I am delighted to say Tsunami Rose fits all.. To those who know me ., you will know I

advocate quality . I only recommend, what I have tried and tested myself . ( Hence my D/T work for

WWW. . I also do some design team work for Scrimpingmommy at

Scrimpy'slace closet. )

There are of course many avenues to follow at an individual level. I firmly believe ... use quality affordable

items  for a quality inspired end poject.

Sorry a little soap box rhetoric  there ....

I hope you find the pictures inspiring . As always there is a video to back up the photographs .... just click on

the link top right of the page .

Happy Crafting . !

Kay xx

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Happy Saturday !   Where did that week go .... ?  

Today I am sharing three cards I have made on behalf of TSUNAMIROSE .
Who has a store on Etsy where these delightful digital kits and papers can be found .  Over a period 
of time I have purchased and worked with kits I have bought from this Etsy store .The Christmas Album posted earlier is on such kit . There are always special offers in the store .

I am delighted to announce I am now a part of the Design team for Tsunamirose .  Also known on face book as Daisy Collins . A very talented Graphic design artiste who really knows  how to  put prints colours and ideas on paper . 

For those who may not have purchased a Digital kit ....the process is easy . Purchase the kit or papers that you like . Once payment is cleared , the digi is sent to your email . Click on the files ...once opened  print . You are,  in no time at all ,  ready to get started on your project . I always print on the best setting ... which gives great definition and a clear and beautiful print out .  The file is then yours . As usual you are requested to only  use for your own purposes and to give recognition to the designer . I have also left  the Tsunamirose blog link above. You will find incredible inspiration there . 

Should you wish to see the cards I have made in closer detail as always  "Click the Youtube button. " 

I am currently working on another album . which will be a little while in the making ... I really enjoy the process ... having watched some great tutorials to gain some knowledge hints and tips . You are really never too old to learn new tricks .... I thinks there should be a university course in craft !! :)  I know there would be many who would take up the challenge . 

I am having a lovely quiet weekend this weekend . Just Me and my gorgeous fur babies ..... sighs ...

time to craft . 

Happy crafting and thank you for stopping by . 

Kay xx

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

August is nearly over ! .. Where did that time go?

It must be an age thing ... time seems to be  flying away . 

Above are pictures of my latest project.  For more  detail click on my You-Tube Channel

 button. Top right hand corner . 

It is a delightful gift for someone special or who simply needs a bit of cheer .   Its a Tea bag

 holder .  !  But by virtue of its size it could also be used to send 3x3 cards.  

Height :  3 3/4 inches  - 9.5 cms .

Width :  3 1/4 inches  - 8.2 cms.

Depth  1 1/2 inches    -  3 1/2 cms. 

It is a nice sized  box . Easy to carry around if needs be . Not too expensive to post  if required . 

Materials are minimal.  Designer paper scraps could  be sufficient for decoration

purposes.  Two A4 sheets of a reasonable quality card  and then embellishments to suit. 

A speedy project to put together . 

Whilst this is not something I designed myself it did inspire me to make it almost immediately . 

(The link to the channel I found it on is under my video on You-Tube. ) Giving credit  to 

those who inspire you is very important . In my humble opinion. 

I will be posting a tutorial on my channel  Kazeekins1  so watch out for it if this project 

makes you smile.  My decision to do so,  is very much based on the response to my video. 

Which I am delighted  about .  I like to  pass on  what I have learnt .  

With September almost upon us ... it is nice to have things to do in the longer evenings . 

It helps time pass ... especially when the T.V . is n't particularly inspiring . 

Thank you for visiting .

Happy Crafting . 

Kay xx

Monday, 29 August 2016

Hi .... Happy Bank Holiday Weekend. 

Its been a whiles since I posted anything .. due to Family visiting  and one thing and another .  

The photograph above depict a project I made some time ago ,  for a challenge put out by Annie 

Chambers. Also known as "Rosieposeycrafts." on You-tube.  I didn't make a video of the project 

sadly.   By  chance ,  I came across pictures taken by the film crew .  

The call for the challenge was to make a heart within a heart ,decorating it to your own taste .  

The entwined heart for me sprang to mind .  I made two hollow hearts from a template.  Two 

layers thick to give substance to the frame.  Which were glued together . I then made a careful cut 

through one heart to allow me to link the hearts .  

Decorating was easy . I used Burlap , (hessian) strips that already had the lace in place .  I then 

wrapped each frame aiming to keep the central lace panel in the center to  enhance the heart 

shaped structure .  Using hot glue to anchor securely .  This again reinforced the basic structure . 

 Then using applique's pearl stems, flat back pearls  and wild orchid craft Gerber Daisies and 

blossoms and miniature bows . I went on to decorate the hearts . The finished effect was quite 

polished ... .  having trimmed excess Burlap  from areas that became to bulky . I then placed  a 

loop of 2" (approx.) lace which acted as a hanger  for the  piece . 

I have done a circle  wreath in pretty much the same manner in the past . It really is a 

straightforwards project to put together with loads of satisfaction from the finished item. 

Do give this a try if you like what you see. 

Happy Crafting

Kay xx

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Happy Wednesday every everyone .  It is going to be another very hot and tiring day . Drink plenty and pace yourselves

Today's upload is again backed up with a Video on You-tube . Just click the button if you would like to see this project in greater detail. There is also a link to the Tutorial that I followed to make up the base.

The papers used in this project were purchased on Etsy . From TSUNAMIROSE. A wonderful "Large Kit "
used mainly for Junk Journals ..  the papers are a delight and  very versatile. You simply purchase, download, and print onto good quality paper . The designs print beautifully. From c5 two images to an a4 sheet,  to ephemera and labels.   It is well worth visiting the store . Prices are highly competitive too.

The project consists of a wallet type box.  With pockets . Which can hold cards, tags , note pads , it  makes a really lovely gift . What you put into it once made is clearly a personal choice thing . But if you send out gifts to fellow crafter's ..or are making a start on Christmas gifts this would make an ideal Christmas stocking filler .   I would also use it for special birthday or Anniversaries . There is enough room to put gift cards .. chocolate .. a stationary set .. the choices go on and on.   It is a very quick project to make up.  If you fill it with 3x3 cards and the like it is a great way to use up scraps from larger projects . This is another project that has a high satisfaction level once completed . Just my kind of project .  :)

On a personal note ... I will not post for a few days ..I have my son and his family arriving later today .. (So excited )  Its my Grandsons fourth birthday on Thursday 18th August . Fun and games all round .
So looking forwards to their visit . :)

On that note I will wish  you "  happy crafting "

Stay safe and well.

Kay xx

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hello again . :)  Today I have uploaded another altered item .  This time a Christmas bauble  I found the baubles  a year or so ago.  I loved that they were clear and a flattened round rather than the more traditional sphere, made of plastic.  The usual feature for hanging the bauble was already in place. As you would expect.

 Looking back I think may have been having the first of many "light on in the attic"  moments.
I was coming to realise anything ..... anything at all could be altered , transformed , made into something else .  For those of you who have always appreciated this fact ... forgive my enthusiasm ..:) .it was a mile stone in my craft experience .  Prior to this door opening Paper crafts had been my passion . That and bead work.

I now have what feels like a mountain of items that potentially need my attention...(don't we all) .  Amanda
Charlesworth , A.K.A. Scrimpingmommy   of the Lace Closet over on face book.  Put up a challenge . As she was celebrating three wonderful events in her busy life. The main requirement was to use laces and trims from Amanda's store on Zibbet.   Proudly.....I announce I am  a LACE  MONSTER !  ( A term of endearment  for those who follow Amanda . )

The Bauble came to mind immediately . It is a lovely thing to alter . I used budget satin , lace appliques, lace trims  flat back gems and the wild orchid crafts to set off some of things Amanda sells in her store .  Using a few things from my personal stash  , I went to work.  I had no real plan ... but it seems that Crafty person inside guides the hands that work ... by the time the project was complete . I had a real sense of feeling happy with the way it turned out .  To see in more detail as always ... click the YOU-TUBE button.

We are always,  as crafters  hyper critical of our own work. Its hard not to tweak and torment finished projects .   But the truest words every spoken ...and we have all heard them .... is "There is no right or wrong way to do something"  in this Arena it is very apt . Whether by design or default we do what we do .  If it makes you smile , feel happy  or gives you a sense of achievement  JUST KEEP DOING IT !

Warmest wishes , Happy Crafting .

Kay . xx

Monday, 15 August 2016

Hello . ! :)

Above are photographs of a recent make .   I purchased this very plain drawer set from the works. A local discount store in the U.K . It is made up of compressed card . To form a hardboard. There is a finish to the product but I am not sure what it is .... it may even be some kind of polishing thing that smoothes the surface and gives a good finish.

I started by wiping over the box  to remove any dust . Then , using Artiste Acrylic pain  in Blanc . ( White ) I painted the outside of the box ., the inner aspect of the drawers and their sides .  Allowed it to dry completely before the next stage .

I had previously selected  the Rose patterned 3 ply serviettes.  Keeping only the top printed layer I peeled two layers away .  By holding the printed tissue up to the frame , it was easy to find the prettiest placement.
Using Diluted P.V.A glue I washed the area thoroughly with the glue .  Laying the Tissue very carefully over the pre-glued site .  It has to be said , once wet the tissue will damage very easily .

Caution and care throughout this process will only add to the over finish. Using a soft bristle brush and more PVA glue I eased the tissue into its rightful place. This was repeated over the whole frame and front of drawers until covered . Trimming excess again needs to be done carefully.  Try not to touch the wet tissue once placed as it may well tear .. or fragment. With great care,  it is possible to fray the tissue away from the sharp edges of the box .    Again allow this too dry thoroughly .

For the final stage the Bronze effect metal feet were put into place.  Using the Gloss finish Mod Podge I coated the whole covered areas generously . Which affords a lovely luster  once dry . Which allows light dusting to keep clean .

The final touch was to add a discrete 3D flower embellishment to the  upper left corner of the box. I used Wild Orchid Craft roses . Cut a pearl spray into lengths an placed single beads withing the area of the roses.

I am delighted with the outcome . Should you wish to see the box in more detail please follower the You-tube link.   If card making , paper crafts or more intricate work is not for you this is a great way to create something lovely on  quite a small budget .

I hope you find this helpful. Please feel free to put forwards any question you may have .

Thank you for visiting .

Happy crafting . Kay xx

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Christmas in  September .!!..... well its never too soon to get started ..... is what I told myself as I set out to put this Album together .

The papers I used were from a Digi Kit. Designed by TSUNAMI ROSE. A lovely lady living "over the pond" in America. . Her work truly is outstanding.  The kits and decoupage sheets, ephemera and pockets are all carefully married up to make a well co-ordinated Junk Journals and the like .  The Etsy store is linked under the video I made of the Album on You-tube . Click the link above ...should  you like to see these papers in all their glory. .   I decided to make a Christmas Album.   I had bought the kit a good while ago .  Because I had to practice making Albums. Once I was happy with the Album format then putting the excellent papers to good use was very, very easy .   I made the themed Album with a purpose in mind. I think if one works to a theme or to a specific person the making process becomes a thing of love and creativity.

I am sure many crafter's look at completed  projects made with such specifics in mind . A  great deal of satisfaction from the completed item is  experienced . To then share that work brings even greater happiness . The pinnacle being when a subscriber or follower decides that they too would like to make a similar project.   I think this cycle is what makes like minded people enjoy  craft to a greater extent. . Creativity is the  giving and sharing of an idea.  Inspiring another person to add to and make the initial project become theirs .   Craft is a passion for many . I am one of those many.

Kay xx

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Happy Saturday everyone .... 

Here are photographs of a project that I made for Scrimpy's Lace Closet over on Facebook a little while ago .  I must confess I felt quite proud of this completed piece . It had taken a little while to do . However it was a pleasure to work with he laces and trims from Amanda's shop. Amanda Charlesworth is another very talented caring and very warm personality that I had the pleasure to meet in real life.

In the main the world of Craft and the Crafting Community is a wonderful place to find one self.  Inspiration is every where . Warmth generosity and kindness abounds .  Ideas are adopted , adapted ,enhanced and played out which contibutes  to a vast pool of knowledge ,  information and wonderful inspiration.   I hope to share a little of what inspires me here on my blog.   To see projects in greater detail that catch you eye ..please click the You-Tube link above .

Happy Crafting .
Kay xx

Friday, 12 August 2016

A little about me ....

Hello and welcome to my Blog . 

Thank you for visiting . 

My name is Kay .   I currently live in Taunton.  Somerset . It is a lovely part of the world . But ..... 

DEVON is better . I was born in Exeter . A beautiful Cathedral city . With a great University. 

I have crafted for many years . Starting very young with Crochet Knitting , cross stitch  and then Decoupage .
3D images for card making .  Not to to be confused with Traditional Decoupage for larger items and 

furniture . 

I then went on to learn bead work. Making earrings and different pieces of beaded Jewelry. Which like 

Paper Crafts has got into my blood and calls to me quite often 

Having found You-Tube and Pintrest interest in the different discipline in all things 

CRAFT has developed and been inspired .   I try anything that catches my eye . From mixed 

Media to working with lace and material. 

I have come to know many,  many very talented and creative ladies .  Jakki Douglas being just one I would 

like to name at this point . Having a Blog page to work from is purely down to Jakki's talent , kindness 

and Patience.  She has been a great friend ..helpful resourceful and extremely talented .  Jakki 

has a blog in her own right and is well worth a visit. 

My partner, Gary is a great support to my craft projects . He acts as my film crew . Photographer ,

technical support and quality control .  He too is very talented .  A self taught Artisan.  A 

Silversmith . His Jewellry is unique and carefully made . He often works to Commission. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to a little about me . I will in due course  post Photographs of

some of the projects I have worked On. In the meantime  if you click the You-tube link you will 

see me there

Kay xx