Thursday, 20 October 2016

This is the full bauble. 

The Pattern I used , I purchased at GJBeads .
St. Erth . Cornwall. U.K .

A closer look at the Beautiful beaded fringe.

Happy Thuursday  everyone ... another weekend is looming fast !

This is a beaded project which I featured on my You-tube channel recently .   Made up of Delica beads , round seeds bicone and tear drop crystals.  Using a unique pattern designed by Jill Thomas .  The owner of the bead shop. Gj Beads.

This pattern is recommended for advanced beaders .  There is a whole lot of work involved in making this bauble . Which is held together by stitch work. The centre of the bauble is hollow. It is made up from the centre .  Each subsequent round is added by decreasing and working different colour ways and design.   It amounts to approximate 50 hours of work.    The finished item is worth every second spent on it .   A great project for the long winter nights .

I absolutely adore this "Fine" work.   Every single bead is stitched into place . Hence the need to use DELICA  beads . They are precision cut  exact in size and nestle together as though meant for each other .  Treasure beads , Toho and Myuki beads are names associated  with Delica beads .
Round seeds are lower priced than the Delica. The size consistancy is not as good .... they are rounded  so don't offer the same uniform finish .... but they are used in many more less demanding designs .

Beading is a great pass time.  There is always something beautiful at the end of the project .  I have learnt much on
this craft journey and met some very lovely people on the way .  Its never too late to learn a new trick or three !!!

Happy Crafting everyone .
Kay xx

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