Saturday, 29 October 2016

Welcome .....  Well here it is .... the Clock change weekend  in the U.K . The last weekend on October .
WE gain an extra hour of rest ... but in a couple of weeks time darkness starts to draw in late afternoon.

Personally I suffer a little with S.A.D.  Like everyone I miss the hours of light and all that comes with it .

I plan , each year , to keep busy in the evenings .  At this time I tend to turn to bead work.

I have done Bead work for many years .  Happily learning about new techniques , new styles
and most interesting of all new beads from shape to what they fit best with , technique wise.

Bead channels on You-Tube are quite prolific . Some better than others . They all have one thing in common  their love of design colours and beads .  Putting them all together to make some really beautiful costume Jewellery. Ideal as gifts for all.   There is so much to learn .

No Craft style or technique is ever as simple as it looks ... many of them cross over .... from one craft to another . They integrate and offer new concepts as they change .  The wonder of learning !   It is never too late to learn .

Adding bead work to my CRAFT PORTFOLIO .... we all have one ...(  and it looks good in print .) .lol.  Was as natural as walking from A to B for me .  You never know what you can do

until you try... Cliche I know  but a truer word was never spoken .

Take advantage of the long evenings .... as long as you have good light  everything is possible ..add a new arrow to craft bow !

Happy Crafting . Stay well and warm . xx

Beaded projects  inspired by Jill Wiseman.


  1. My trouble is as soon as it is dark my brain says time for bed. Last night around 7ish I was trying to do a bit more on my 1st ever beaded bag charm and found it really isn't a good craft to do in bed ha ha ha.

  2. Aw Bless Kim ... at least you are willing ...hugs ..... hope you didn't loose any of those beads in your bed ! Hugs and thanks for stopping by . xxx