Friday, 12 August 2016

A little about me ....

Hello and welcome to my Blog . 

Thank you for visiting . 

My name is Kay .   I currently live in Taunton.  Somerset . It is a lovely part of the world . But ..... 

DEVON is better . I was born in Exeter . A beautiful Cathedral city . With a great University. 

I have crafted for many years . Starting very young with Crochet Knitting , cross stitch  and then Decoupage .
3D images for card making .  Not to to be confused with Traditional Decoupage for larger items and 

furniture . 

I then went on to learn bead work. Making earrings and different pieces of beaded Jewelry. Which like 

Paper Crafts has got into my blood and calls to me quite often 

Having found You-Tube and Pintrest interest in the different discipline in all things 

CRAFT has developed and been inspired .   I try anything that catches my eye . From mixed 

Media to working with lace and material. 

I have come to know many,  many very talented and creative ladies .  Jakki Douglas being just one I would 

like to name at this point . Having a Blog page to work from is purely down to Jakki's talent , kindness 

and Patience.  She has been a great friend ..helpful resourceful and extremely talented .  Jakki 

has a blog in her own right and is well worth a visit. 

My partner, Gary is a great support to my craft projects . He acts as my film crew . Photographer ,

technical support and quality control .  He too is very talented .  A self taught Artisan.  A 

Silversmith . His Jewellry is unique and carefully made . He often works to Commission. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to a little about me . I will in due course  post Photographs of

some of the projects I have worked On. In the meantime  if you click the You-tube link you will 

see me there

Kay xx


  1. Congratulations on your blog Kay. Look forward to seeing future posts. Hugs xx Wendy

    1. Thank you Wendy . Your comment is very much appreciated . x

  2. Yeah, another blog to follow. X

  3. Very proud of my fabulous mother-in-law!! What a brilliant start to your blog! Loves xx

  4. Yeah, another blog to follow. X

    1. lol...Kim .... it takes the mind away from the more mundane ! xx

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Karen . You are a great friend . xx

  6. Hi Kay, congrats on your blog.....maybe I should resurrect mine? I abandoned it yonks ago but seems folk are starting up so maybe I will re activate mine????? Hmmn, not sure.

    1. Dear Eels resurrect dear lady . Its a foot print in a chaotic world. lol... xxx

  7. Hi hunni loving your new page but then us Aquarians do have lovely taste lol and its funny how we both like blue hehe look forward to all your new posts and inspiration sweetie xxx