Saturday, 13 August 2016

Happy Saturday everyone .... 

Here are photographs of a project that I made for Scrimpy's Lace Closet over on Facebook a little while ago .  I must confess I felt quite proud of this completed piece . It had taken a little while to do . However it was a pleasure to work with he laces and trims from Amanda's shop. Amanda Charlesworth is another very talented caring and very warm personality that I had the pleasure to meet in real life.

In the main the world of Craft and the Crafting Community is a wonderful place to find one self.  Inspiration is every where . Warmth generosity and kindness abounds .  Ideas are adopted , adapted ,enhanced and played out which contibutes  to a vast pool of knowledge ,  information and wonderful inspiration.   I hope to share a little of what inspires me here on my blog.   To see projects in greater detail that catch you eye ..please click the You-Tube link above .

Happy Crafting .
Kay xx


  1. Gorgeous, the only word for it. X

  2. Gorgeous, the only word for it. X

  3. And so you should be proud of your project ...I remember it well ...outstanding beautiful work ...but your work always is , huge hugs xx A

  4. absolutely outstanding work Kay x you are so right about our wee lacey friend ;) x she is fabulous x Thank you for sharing xxx