Monday, 29 August 2016

Hi .... Happy Bank Holiday Weekend. 

Its been a whiles since I posted anything .. due to Family visiting  and one thing and another .  

The photograph above depict a project I made some time ago ,  for a challenge put out by Annie 

Chambers. Also known as "Rosieposeycrafts." on You-tube.  I didn't make a video of the project 

sadly.   By  chance ,  I came across pictures taken by the film crew .  

The call for the challenge was to make a heart within a heart ,decorating it to your own taste .  

The entwined heart for me sprang to mind .  I made two hollow hearts from a template.  Two 

layers thick to give substance to the frame.  Which were glued together . I then made a careful cut 

through one heart to allow me to link the hearts .  

Decorating was easy . I used Burlap , (hessian) strips that already had the lace in place .  I then 

wrapped each frame aiming to keep the central lace panel in the center to  enhance the heart 

shaped structure .  Using hot glue to anchor securely .  This again reinforced the basic structure . 

 Then using applique's pearl stems, flat back pearls  and wild orchid craft Gerber Daisies and 

blossoms and miniature bows . I went on to decorate the hearts . The finished effect was quite 

polished ... .  having trimmed excess Burlap  from areas that became to bulky . I then placed  a 

loop of 2" (approx.) lace which acted as a hanger  for the  piece . 

I have done a circle  wreath in pretty much the same manner in the past . It really is a 

straightforwards project to put together with loads of satisfaction from the finished item. 

Do give this a try if you like what you see. 

Happy Crafting

Kay xx


  1. The entwined hearts are beautifully made and decorated as always lovely work xx

    1. Thank you dear Janet . Appreciated . xx

  2. stunning project Kay easy lovely x

  3. love the linked hearts, Kay love the blog Jem xxx

  4. love the linked hearts, Kay love the blog Jem xxx

  5. Dear Jemma , thank you so much for your support and kind words . I hope the summer was all you wanted it to be with the children . Hugs xx

  6. love this Kay I may have a go at one once all my album tutorials and classes are done xxx

  7. Here if you need help Jakki . I hope the classes are going well. You are such a busy lady ! lol... Have fun . Hugs xxx